A certified translation (also known as official translation) is the translation of an official document (such as birth and marriage certificates, contracts, patent documentation, etc.) that has been certified as accurate and is therefore authorized for submission to a wide range of official bodies.

Since translation is not a one-size-fits-all process it is important to be aware that, depending on the circumstances of your project, your translation may require additional levels of certification to be fit for purpose.

International embassies, agencies, and other such legal bodies generally require different certifications when dealing with translated materials. At GüncelDil Translation Services, we match the services we provide to the different levels of legal recognition that are regularly demanded.

 Apostil certified translations

Apostil certification (annotation) basically refers to a documentation system required for a document to be valid and enforceable in another country as an official document.

Apostil certified translation is solely valid in case the country where the document is to be delivered is a signatory party of Hague Convention dated October 5, 1961.

Competent Bodies in the Republic of Turkey entitled to grant Apostil certification

- For administrative documentation: Provincial Governorates, Governors, Deputy Governor on behalf of Governors and Directors of Legal Affairs, District Governorates;

- For legal documentation: Presidencies of Justice Commission situated at the locations with Assize Courts.

The signatory countries of Hague Convention that accept the Apostil certification are as follows.

When do we require an official certification?

The official and public documents that are required to be legally valid in another country are required to be translated and the translations are also required to be official and certified. Power of attorneys, registrations, agreements and contracts, birth certificates, marriage and divorce records and registrations and documentations and other official and public documents that require notarial attestation are certain examples.

Notary Certified Translations

Notary certified translations are performed by notary certified translators/interpreters to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the translation. The Public Notary certify the accuracy and authenticity of the translation. The Public Notary attaches the copy of the translation on the original document and certifies the translation by its official seal and stamp.

Written documents that are required to be certified by the notary are translated by the experienced certified translators specialized in their field. Upon the completion of the translation, official attestations and certifications are done by our staff and delivered to the client by courier.