Interpretation is a highly sought service in today’s global markets.

Various sectors have been taking firm steps towards the globalization and colleagues and business associates from different countries and cultures come together.

Despite the increasing demand, not everyone has the sufficient fund of knowledge and experience on this profession.

Interpreting is one of the most difficult skills any linguist can master. That’s why at Günceldil Translation Services, our network consists of only the finest linguists so that we can provide you with a quality service that can’t be beaten.

Require an English interpreter in Istanbul the next day? No problem. Need the interpreter on site five hours before the event? We’ll make sure it happens. Need the right security provisions? We can arrange that.

All of our linguists have years’ worth of experience and pride themselves on their linguistic talents. At GüncelDil Translation Services, we strive for providing translation and interpreting services tailored to you, your business and your event, so you can rest assured that you are getting the right person in the booth or by your side for your event, at a highly-competitive rate.

Our customer care, project management and worldwide network of the finest linguists are what set us apart from the rest.

Main Differences Between Interpretation and Translation

Although the translators and the interpreters are highly experienced and specialized in their respective fields, these two roles should not be confused with each other and it should not be considered that they can interchange their roles.

Translations mainly involves text-based materials such as printed materials, documents, books, video subtitles, signs, etc. Translators have an excellent and profound knowledge and command of grammar rules, vocabulary and language-specific nuances.

Specialists engaged in various professions such as medicine, finance or business administration are quite familiar with the jargon or technical terms and expressions. Processes such as localization, globalization and adaptation of the text based on other culture or region are all included within the translation process.

Unlike translation process, interpretation involves the verbal component of the communication. Vocabulary and proficiency are quite substantial without any doubt; however, interpreters are required to have personal skills and talents and also mental agility to interpret languages in only couple of seconds by applying certain level of competency.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpretations are various types of this field and both are ideal solutions to apply depending on the nature and type of the circumstances.

What is consecutive interpreting?

Normally intended for court hearings tribunals, interviews and conference calls, consecutive interpreters begin translating after the original speaker has finished, usually a couple of sentences at a time.

By carefully taking in the information, the interpreter has the time to analyze the message as a whole, making it easier for them to deliver a more fluent and idiomatic output.

In most cases, the consecutive interpreter will also be taking notes in the target language while the main speaker is talking, ensuring that no details are inadvertently left out.

Tailoring the Best Service for You 

At GüncelDil Translation Services, we aim to provide the type of service that goes beyond expectations. Our network of linguists spans the world, meaning that we can supply consecutive interpreters to any location at any time.

If you require the consecutive interpreter at the venue a few hours beforehand, let us know and you can rely on them to be there. If you would like to speak to and get to know the interpreter, we’ll gladly set up a meeting, either in person or on the phone.

We also provide ad-hoc consecutive interpreting services for government officials, business executives, investors or observers conducting on-site visits. This service is marked by our interpreters’ ability to respond spontaneously to the variety of situations they may find themselves in ranging from formal meetings, to factory tours or even for some special occasions.

What is simultaneous interpreting?

Simultaneous, or concurrent interpreting is a highly specialized practice that demands complete and accurate oral translation, at the same rate of speech to the speaker, with a very short lag time.

It’s a service mostly popular among corporate clients and large organizations. We find that our services are frequently used for conferences, as well as business and committee meetings.

Why simultaneous interpreters work as a team?

During a major-scale conference, simultaneous interpreters may require working as a team in order to offer real-time interpreting. That is mainly because of the fact that interpretation process is highly tiring in both physical and mental terms. Interpreters may replace each other alternatively with their colleagues to be able to get some rest even for a few seconds.

Interpreters are required not only to have an excellent command of the language but also to be objective and impartial.

The job of the interpreter is to exactly communicate the message of the speaker to the audience. Not even slightly more or less than that. If the speaker starts to speak in a confusing way, the interpreter should not correct or alter the message to make it meaningful.

Interpreters should avoid dialogues. This is even of a greater importance in circumstances where high-temper of people are involved such as negotiations, debates or interrogations in where even a slight mistake may have severe consequences.

When initiating a dialogue, interpreters should not be directly addressed. Interpreters solely act as a tool for both sides and therefore should not be considered as an active party in the discussion.

Interpretations requiring a high level of perception and expression skills are successfully accomplished by our staff of highly experienced and competent interpreters. Our priority requirement is not only the proficiency and skills in the target language but also the profound knowledge and good command of our interpreter in that specific field.

We, as GüncelDil Translation Services are at your disposal for various events such as conferences, international seminars and business meetings offering simultaneous, consecutive interpreting and tele-conference services and also simultaneous interpretation systems are provided based on the requirements of our clients.