Multimedia Translations  

Particularly the entertainment and the media industry highly require multimedia translations. In addition to this, multinational and supranational corporations and government and public institutions and organizations increasingly require multimedia platforms to provide training to their target audiences. The translations of visual and audio materials such as video, images, movies and films, voice recordings refer to multimedia translations.

Subtitle Translation

Subtitle translation is among the most important components of multimedia translations. Subtitle translation and placement are required for almost all type of videos. International markets are highly critical for the success of instructional, educational and entertaining videos and therefore, subtitle translation and localization without any doubt are inevitable and a must to penetrate international markets.

Subtitle translation is not a simple process. It required a highly technical and precise process to ensure that the audience and viewers to understand the scenes with both verbal and written content.

Whatever the format of the footage is – we can deliver, whether it is a .vob file for a DVD, or a .xif file for television broadcast.


We have the software and tools at hand to streamline the process. All we need is the footage, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team of project managers are at hand to ensure that your film, documentary or marketing message captures the imagination of foreign audiences


Effectively translating subtitles or scripts for voiceover or dubbing services often requires a written transcript. As an international translation services company, our pool of professional transcribers, who handle more than 200 languages, are at hand to help take your project forward. Therefore, no matter the language of the audio, we can have it transcribed for you and, should you desire, subsequently translated.

Although digital audio file types are preferred, out of convenience, we are of course able to work with any audio source, and we mean any.