Our translation services are offered in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standards and TS EN ISO 17100:2005 European Translation Services Standards.

Texts delivered by you are analyzed and reviewed by our project director in due diligence and the required planning on the stages of the translation process is performed based on the content and type of the source text.

- Translation: As the first step, the document and/or text is translated to the intended language with an emphasis on localization and/or adaptation if required, by our staff of experienced translators/interpreters specialized in their fields by appropriate tools and cutting-edge software based on the format required by you. Furthermore, any additional requests of the clients are performed in due diligence at this step.

- Redaction: This step is applied upon the completion of the translation project and consisting of processes of performing the required corrections and arrangements on the final document and/or text. Our editors use cutting-edge tools and software for the performance of this process. Please note that our editors are not translators/interpreters, but they act as the second pair of eyes on the project to complete the missing parts and to correct any discrepancies and mistakes in case there are any on the translated document. Revision of the translation, verification of the accuracy and authenticity of the translation are performed in this step.

- Proofreading and editing: This step involves the performance of the final checks such as proofreading on the translated and redacted document. Page layout, spelling, etc. are performed as revision on the document to verify the integrity of the translation and the translation is at its last step just before the delivery.

The translations processed through these three steps are delivered to the client without any delays and by strictly adhering to the deadlines instructed by the client. These steps may vary depending on the service type requested and the content of the document (desktop publishing, localization, dubbing and subtitling, etc.)

We are offering services on international and European standards by utilizing cutting edge software and programs (CAT) particularly Trados and others.

All sorts of documents delivered by you are processed through the above-cited steps by our experienced and specialized staff and delivered to you by our client representative in the format and type requested by means of e-mail, fax or courier pursuant to your request.