Quality Management

Quality Management System (QMS) is the entire business processes with an emphasis to fulfil the client requirements on a consistent basis and bolster the customer satisfaction accordingly. Thus, it is in line with the objectives of the corporation and the strategic path it follows (ISO 9001:2015). GüncelDil Translation Services is fully accredited by ISO 9001:2015 and operates under a strict quality policy, which forms an integral part of GüncelDil Translation Services’ Quality Manual. It encapsulates our commitment to delivering fast and accurate translation services to our clients, ensuring their satisfaction without compromising on quality or deadlines. Furthermore, it includes our commitment to invest in the continual improvement of all aspects of our business and is led and fully supported from the top by our General Manager and Senior Management Team.

Our Translation Quality Management Policy aims to offer the highest quality human translations and localization along with other services to international corporations and individuals to assist them enhancing their competitiveness.

The rules governing the professional behavior of the international company in strict compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 17100: 2015 adopted by the entire translation companies engaged on international platform constitute the basis of our quality management policy.

Our quality management policy is implemented in every phase of the business processes by continuously rendering our human translation workflows more effective and efficient, minimizing and entirely eliminating errors and defects, closely monitoring the satisfaction of our target market, i.e. customers in every step by prioritizing the requirements, expectations and interests of our customers.

Our Corporate Quality Objectives are as follows;

-          Offering effective and efficient translation, localization and other relevant services with competitive rates by strictly adhering to deadlines

-          Eliminating the errors and customer complaints by minimizing the errors and faults that can occur in translations and if possible, correcting and rearranging the content by editing, proofreading and redacting the semantic shifts and/or ambiguities and/or errors and making them ready and available for the translation process

-          By ensuring the entire business processes and operations to be accomplished and performed in complete integrity, dignity and strict ethical rules and code of conduct, ensuring our specialized staff to exhibit behaviors and attitudes required for the specific job

-          Recruiting and employing specialist and professional personnel with the required academic and professional skills and competences to ensure the provision of high-quality services to our customers on expected and desired levels

-          Providing continuous trainings to the personnel within our staff and keeping them updated on the latest and recent developments in the sector

-          Monitoring and auditing the compliance and adherence of corporation processes with the quality management policy

Our corporation certified the translation service quality rendered through the service processes followed.